Denim jackets

Never underestimate the versatility of a denim jacket and pre-loved and op shops are a great place to go looking for one. A denim jacket over a generic dress, sneakers, shades, jewelry and you have a get out of jail outfit that will take you anywhere.

The first jacket was by Levi Strauss in the 1880s and became part of pop fashion culture in the 1970’s somehow managing, in the world of fast fashion, to stay entrenched in our wardrobes along with the denim jean ever since. The topstitching detail, studs and stressed treatments applied to the fabric are all statement features within themselves - although hard to replicate that popular ‘look’ outside a highly sophisticated clothing factory.

When you dissect all the components involved from the fabric to numerous pattern pieces plus time on the machines, including finishing details as opposed to the retail price of a denim jacket there is an obvious disconnect there.

The production costs to remain commercially competitive must be incredibly low to maintain profit margins. It’s reasonable to think the production workers are the ones who miss out here on being paid their worth for producing such an intricate garment.

The jacket remains an incredibly beautiful piece of timeless clothing and extremely handy to have in the wardrobe. At least sourcing a second-hand jacket rather than buying new and thereby rescuing from the landfill does even up the scales a little to what the true cost must be to produce this item of clothing.

I was lucky enough to find this variation on the mainstream denim jacket from a pre-loved shop and think it’s a very beautiful piece.

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