Launching Kitset Clothing!!!

Updated: Feb 28

Finally able to offer a small range of Kitset clothing for the novice sewer and in addition as patterns only. Leah Blouse, Natalie skirt, Nola pant and a Tote bag. There are no buttonholes, zips or complicated facings involved in the garments. Instead have used elastic as a means of tailoring the fit to personal choice and it also means the fit itself is relaxed. This range has been designed to provide simple, easy to achieve sewing success and hopefully encourage the sewer to keep sewing. Also with simple tweaks these styles can expand to whole new looks. Check out the Mikki Summers apparel collection page and you can see by simply applying topstitching and adding pockets it enhances the styles. By joining the blouse (shorten length) and the skirt together, still with an elastic waist, and adding some topstitching detail it becomes a very flattering dress. The Kitsets are offered in Linen as its a very forgiving fabric for a novice sewer. If using the pattern only then these styles would look lovely in a viscose.


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