Lets talk sewing machines for the novice sewer....

Sewing machines haven't changed much in concept from when they were first invented in 1790. Its a mechanism to lock together a thread that's feeding from the top of the machine with a thread that's feeding from the bottom. And for a novice sewer that's essentially all you need plus the ability to change the stitch to a zigzag to secure the raw edges from fraying. My advice to anyone needing a machine is to head along to a sewing machine mechanic and buy a second hand reconditioned one and personally I love the old heavy relics - maybe not as old as these pictured! But one that is steel as opposed to a cheap and cheerful one made of plastic. And then get advice from the mechanic about needle sizes, cotton and the adjustments required from sewing fine fabrics to heavy fabrics. There are some fabulous sewing machines out there that do 1000 different stiches, all electronic and with comprehensive instruction books but unless you are going to make use of all those add-ons you are wasting your money. There is nothing more soul destroying when trying to learn how to sew and the machine keeps playing up. Incorrect thread or the wrong needle size has a huge impact and that's where you need experience in knowing what to look for. It doesn't matter how old the machine is as long as the 'timing' is correct - when the needle goes down and connects with the thread coming up from the bobbin. In Wellington can recommend Sewing Machine Services in Petone Wellington - happy sewing!!

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