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About Mikki Summers


Meet Marie

Founder & Creator

“If we’re more connected to the clothes we wear, will we be so quick to throw them in the landfill when we’re done?”

Founded in 2020, Mikki Summers is a fashion label based in Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand. It’s loved for its simple, contemporary patterns that allow for the socially responsible to make and create their own looks as an alternative to fast-fashion.

Mikki Summers is a home-grown brand that draws its inspiration from Founder and Creative Director, Marie Wright. Marie brings passion, care and thought into every design, creating looks that are fluid and evolve with today’s latest fashions.

Our biggest fans love fashion. They love to sew and are looking for alternative ways to create. They value individuality, exploration, fun and social responsibility. They are expressive, experimental, and keen to make the world a better place.

Mikki Summers patterns deliver a small collection of essential items. They are clean, uncomplicated, and stripped of clutter, without instructions encouraging notch to notch sewing.  Making it easy to create a foundation garment that gives the wearer the flexibility to customise their look.

Each Mikki Summers look can be created by dressing it up with special pieces, upcycling worn garments or purchasing sustainable fabrics that make your garment an individual piece, all whilst saving money and being kinder to the planet.

Mikki Summers is named after Mick, Marie’s father, who taught her how to sew and Summers is from her mother, who encouraged Marie to pursue her creative dreams.

Mikki Summers is exclusively sold online to socially conscious fashion lovers throughout New Zealand.

Our intention is that these patterns will be well-loved, shared and encourage sewing.

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