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July 2023

Foundation knit dress, very easy to sew.

Dress it up with a scarf – found this beautiful autumnal coloured scarf from Stella and Gemma on the Goldie Girl website.  Founded by Stacey Beatson who is an extraordinary stylist.  It's a very cost effective way to make a statement look.


Go long – with anything, cardigans or the latest trench coat.  Have been eying up this lovely trench coat from Assembly where the construction and finish is of a very high quality.  Pricey but by countering it with making this dress it justifies the cost of a big-ticket item for winter.  Add a belt (Op shops are a fantastic source of belts) and ankle boots (on sale) - look done!


Let the Jacket be the hero – again Op shops are the place to shop and overflowing with jackets.  The dress provides the opportunity for a jacket to shine.  Rummage around the Op shops for a belt, scarf, hat and bag and invest in a some beautiful boots (which might not be on sale 😊) for a fashion forward look. 


This dress would look great in white or camel or any colour, short sleeved or shortened in length - it really is a versatile easily constructed garment that can become a mainstay of your wardrobe for a low cost.

Please get in touch if you are interested in the pattern for this month's dress

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