Upcycling / Repurposing

I’m using this page as a platform to promote buying secondhand clothing and modifying/ revamping clothing into something new.


Walk into any Op Shop and they are stacked to rafters with second-hand clothing, sadly the landfills too. Recently I collaborated with Taralee Freeman, a conceptual artist from the Wairarapa, and entered an Eco Fashion competition.


We aimed to find ways of utilizing common clothing items like suits, business shirts, and jeans and repurposing them into modern, fun, and creative directional fashion.


It was a fun, crazy competition and incredibly creative. There are some amazing designers out there and this is such an exciting area of fashion.  Everyone that entered was passionate about recycling and repurposing.


The Japanese art of Boro mending is Taralee’s specialty, and men’s jeans are perfect.  Turning men's business shirts into a wrap shirt was successful and worth taking further.  As too utilizes men's suits frequently constructed from incredible fine wool fabrics.


I look forward to sharing with you tips, photos, and ideas for upcycling/repurposing clothing to inspire and empower you to make eco-friendly responsible fashion choices.  Sometimes all it takes is to change the buttons on a jacket to make it current. 


Check out the blog page for the latest on recycling/upcycling ideas;

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