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Mikki Summers

Mikki Summers promotes responsible fashion as an alternative to fast fashion and a fundamental belief fashion needs to be more environmentally accountable in an effort to counter climate change.   

Do you as a consumer want to make better choices around where you source your garments from?  Do you want to make your own clothes but are unsure of what to start with?  Or look for ways to repurpose garments?

Mikki Summers is offering a range of clothing products that we feel are ethically based and environmentally responsible. By providing a platform to teach how responsible fashion can be applied we are endeavouring to make a contribution towards a more sustainable future.  


Mikki Summers Apparel is locally made and strives for a small footprint as possible between pattern development, sampling, and only producing small runs employing local machinists. New Zealand produces very little apparel fabric, so the vast majority comes from overseas.  Where possible we work with local fabric suppliers that purchase ‘end of line’ fabric from designers that might have otherwise gone to landfills.  When we must source other fabrics and trims, consideration is given to their composition and origin to ensure we are making our own responsible choices.

Kitset Clothing was created to take away the angst around sewing, especially for novice sewers.  Have you always wanted to sew but were overwhelmed by so many choices - dealing with difficult patterns, what fabric to use, zips and buttonholes?  With the Kitsets, all you need is a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.  You choose the fabric from the range available and everything else will be provided.  The designs are simple with easy-to-follow instructions with no buttonholes or zips and a relaxed fit usually achieved by elastic.  We are using linen and cotton fabric for their natural and more sustainable qualities.  By becoming a more confident sewer you can progress to other sewing projects.  

Mikki Summers Patterns are also available to buy. The patterns and the instructions are designed to be less complicated, easy to follow, and a realistic fit.   There are links to a few Fabric Stores where you can buy fabric online but also check out what’s available in your town. We will continue to add more designs and patterns and are excited to develop this side of Mikki Summers more. 

We see Pre-loved, Second-hand, and Op shop clothing as another area for the consumer to make responsible fashion choices. Repurposing clothing is becoming very trendy, and we offer tips and ideas on easy ways to achieve a fashionable look from second-hand clothing.  And above all have a bit of fun!


Enjoy :) 

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