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Mikki Summers

Have you always wanted to sew but overwhelmed by so many choices - dealing with difficult patterns, what fabric to use, zips and buttonholes?

Mikki Summers Kitset clothing has been created to take away the angst around sewing.  The first selection over on the Kitset page is for the Novice sewer and all you need is a sewing machine and a pair of scissors.  You choose the fabric colour and the fabric and everything else will be in the Kitset.  Have chosen Linen fabric for the Kitsets for its natural and more sustainable qualities. 

Or if you want to use your own fabric, that's great! then check out the Pattern section.  The patterns and the instructions are designed to be less complicated, easy to follow and a realistic fit.   There are links to a few Fabric Stores where you can buy online but also check out what’s available in your own town.

The Apparel page presents a range of garments available for purchase.  Some of which can be traced back to those patterns from the Kitset range that have been adapted with the addition of pockets and topstitching to create a new look.  

If you one of those people who see pre-loved, second hand and Op shop’s as treasure troves for finding something special then I applaud you for rescuing anything from the Landfill. 

And the Why?   Most importantly to provide alternatives to ‘fast fashion’ and promote ‘responsible fashion’.  A simple switch but one that can have significant impact socially and environmentally. With the consequences of climate change now is the time more than ever to make responsible choices about how we clothe ourselves. 

Buy NZ labels to ensure responsible manufacturing processes have been adhered to.  Sew your own clothes and use natural, sustainable, organic and/or end of line fabrics.  Hunt around for those pre-loved items to give them another life and stop the incredible waste going into our Landfills.

Previously I have worked in the industry as a Pattern Maker and over the years as a finalist in the World of Wearable Art competition multiple times. This site is the result of experience, passion and belief that we need to make changes in the fashion industry for the sake of the environment. 


I look forward to providing more choices for you as this site grows and explores responsible fashion. Check out my Blog and the Preloved page for some tips and ideas. Hopefully I can challenge you on what you can achieve with an open mind.

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